How to Permanently Block/Hide Specific Windows 10 Updates

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I hope this issue is rare and not as widespread. My Laptop, on which I am running Adobe Creative Cloud, is pretty “old”. I bought this customized laptop back at the end of 2016.

My issue I am running into right now is, that Adobe Premiere Pro has an issue with my onboard graphics card driver. It tells me that the driver is not supported and I might experience issues in Premiere Pro. Until the recent update, this was no problem, I just clicked on “Continue with known issues…” and Premiere Pro would start and I was able to edit photos.

The reason why I ignored it was that I have a second and dedicated Nvidia graphics card in my laptop and I have set the Nvidia driver to use the high-performance card rather than the cheap onboard card which is part of my Intel chipset.

But it seems the latest update, either Windows, Nvidia Driver, or Adobe Creative Cloud messed things up and I am not able anymore to work with Premiere Pro. It won’t show me any video previews and crashes when I try to play a video in Premiere Pro.

Adobe knows about that problem and they have a guide online on how to fix it. The fix was pretty straight forward. Downloaded the driver, installed it and rebooted my PC. Everything worked just as it should again and I was happy.


…the next automatic update of Windows. I had Windows 10 set to update automatically when new updates are available. A big no-no!!! Always delay your updates, especially with all the issues Microsoft causes with new updates lately. Either way, this is not the topic of this post.

My issue was, that Windows thought it knows a better driver for my onboard graphics card, which is two years older than the one recommended by Adobe. Yes, Windows thinks, that the driver which was installed during delivery is the best and just installed this one again by deleting my just updated driver.

The Fix

Microsoft is already prepared for such situations, even tho you need to download a little tool from the Microsoft website instead of using built-in options into the operating system. Before you use the tool, make sure you delete the unwanted update/driver.

Here an easy step-by-step guide on how to use the tool. 

  1. Download the tool here.
  2. After the download is complete, start the tool. (wushowhide.diagcab)
  3. This screen will appear. Before you click on next, make sure you still have a good internet connection, otherwise, it won’t work)
  4. In the next step, the tool will search for available updates. Let it search until it continues to the next screen. There click on Hide updates.
  5. Select the update you want to hide. In my case, it is the Intel Corporation – Display – Driver.
  6. Click on Next
  7. The tool will do its magic and you should be greeted with a similar screen like this. That’s it. You are all done

If you go back now to Windows Update and search for available updates, the specific update you selected won’t show up anymore on the list.


Unblocking Updates

If you are ever in the need to install one of the hidden/blocked updates, just use the same tool but instead of clicking on Hide updates, click on Show hidden updates…

Select the update(s) you want Windows to install the next time and click on Next. Wait for the tool to finish and you are done.


I don’t know why Microsoft wouldn’t give us this option from the get-go. Normally you shouldn’t skip updates, because they improve the security and stability of your system. That’s at least what they should do. In my specific case, updates rather caused issues and the software to crash.

I hope I am the only one with this issue, but if there is already an official tool for it, I doubt it. This tool can also be used to block other unwanted updates from installing. You are using this tool at your own risk when you decide to hide updates so Windows can’t install them. Make sure you know what you are doing.

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