2 Great Underground Caches in Ingolstadt, Germany

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Last weekend I headed for 2 great underground caches in Ingolstadt, Germany. Both of them have been already archived but you still can log them. I heard about these two caches at my last caching event in Neuburg an der Donau. And since I love any kind of underground caches, I went out with friends to also get these two logged. Spoiler Alert!

The first one was “Ingolstadt Underground – Fronte Rechberg” (GC1NWV0). My friend and I went around the area two times before we were able to locate the entrance. The first time we thought, that can’t be it, let’s look for a better entrance. But after the second time searching for an entrance, it was clear that was it. Here a couple of pictures.


The next one was “Ingolstadt Underground – Die Festung” (GCW8A0). The entrance to this amazing underground cache was found very quickly. But in there we got surprised, it is not even just a long straight tunnel, it is a whole labyrinth 🙂  I guess all dead ends 😉 Unfortunately, there is a construction zone right next to the entrance and I was told that the entrance will be closed very soon. That was why we went out as soon as possible to get these two caches before they completely disappear. Here some pictures.

It was an absolutely amazing caching trip to put two more smilies on my map. Unfortunately, there was a new building erected and they are no longer accessible. I am so glad that I got the chance to log these two. Have you logged either one of these caches and what was your experience? Did you encounter others while searching for these caches? Let me know in the comments, I am curious. Even tho these two caches are gone, let us keep their memory alive.


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