[Expired] Quadruple Dip with DO$H and Marathon Gas Stations

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This is another way to maximize your earnings with visits to Marathon Gas Stations. I love to maximize my earnings with gas stations as I am a literal road warrior. I am constantly on the road and do a lot of driving.

Update 2021-02-16:

It seems Do$h has some serious issues. I was able in the morning to check my account. When I checked again in the evening, I got logged out and can’t log in anymore. Yes, my credentials are correct. There is no support from Do$h on Twitter or even through the support form on their website. For advanced support, you have to log in, congratulations Do$h! Also, other people (Twitter, Reviews on Play Store) expressed their anger, as Do$h won’t verify the last payout to your account so you can actually cash out.


In this post, I lined out how you can earn Wyndham Rewards Points or Southwest Rapid Rewards by visiting Marathon gas stations and sign up for their MakeItCount Loyalty program.

This lets you already triple dip and you earn the following points/rewards

1. Save 5¢ every gallon, every day

2. Earn Wyndham Rewards Points or Southwest Rapid Rewards Points (other partners are available as well but the previously mentioned ones are the most lucrative)

3. Earn Points, Miles, or Cashback by using your credit card.

Now sign up for a DO$H account and add your credit card(s).

4. Earn Cashback with the DO$H App, which you can transfer to your Bank Account, Venmo, or PayPal account.

To cash out, you have to earn at least $25 in cash back.

4½. Check your credit cards, some of them offer extra points at gas stations. Some are temporary while others have constant earning bonuses on gas stations. This is another way to maximize the points earning with your credit card.

Make sure you check the MakeItCount website regularly for new offers, which will earn additional points as well as cashback with DO$H.

This makes Marathon Gas Stations one of the best gas stations to earn points, cash back, and more. I don’t know of any other gas station which offers that many opportunities to earn rewards.

Most of the previous partnerships and reward programs that were useful for travel hackers are now dead or don’t offer any more points or mileage earning rewards.

There is only one big downside to this. Marathon gas stations are rather rare in the United States and can mostly be found in the eastern half of the country.

Do you guys know of any other partnership like this, let me know.

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