An Underground Cache under Railroad Tracks [GC3TW8G]

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The location of this Traditional Geocache is special. It really is underneath a set of railroad tracks, but about 35 feet. Finding the cache shouldn’t be too hard once you know where to go.

Bring a flashlight or headlamp to have an easier trip to the final location of the cache. I only had my cell phone flash. It was a spontaneous geocaching trip and we came across this one.

The entrance was found fairly quickly and everything was dry. During spring or after heavy rain you might get wet feet. This another great Underground Cache.

Entrance to the Tunnel
Entrance to the Tunnel

Exit of the Tunnel on the other Side. At the very top of the image you can see the height of the Railroad Tracks.
The exit of the Tunnel on the other side. At the very top of the image, you can see the height of the Railroad Tracks.

First I didn’t know what to think about the cache when I read the name and description, but once approaching the entrance to this hiding area I knew it would be a great cache. The title of the cache, “Unter den Gleisen” in English “Under the Railroad Tracks”, made me curious to check this location out. The only light source I had been the LED flash of my smartphone, but I had to go inside. It was a really easy walk through the tunnel.

A Train about to drive over the Cache Location.
A Train is about to drive over the Cache Location.

An Inside Look of GC3TW8G
An Inside Look of GC3TW8G

Once you logged the cache check out the Train Station and watch trains going by. There are a lot more great caches around here, which invite for a stroll in and around Eichstätt. Make sure you check your Geocaching Map.

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