App to Fight Human and Sex Trafficking

The US-Initiative, Exchange Initiative, wants to fight human and sex trafficking with a new app. The goal is to create a database of photos from hotel rooms nationwide. This images can help law enforcement to match photos to images posted by sex traffickers.

The app is available for Android and iOS and can also be used in a browser. The browser ,however, should be on a mobile device. When you open the site on a desktop it gives you an error about enabling location, even tho you agreed to share your location.

The app wants access to your location to make sure the photos are matched correctly.

The design is simple and intuitive. To help fight trafficking you are asked to take four pictures of the hotel room. One of the bathroom, one of the bed and two of the entire room.

With this data, they can match a picture, a broken window or the surroundings with evidence photos. According to the author, testing showed that the app is 85 percent accurate finding the right hotel room in the top 20 matches.

The idea for TraffickCam came up when the organization found an image of a motel room, knew what city it was taken in, but had no way of knowing which motel the photo was taken in.

Price: Free
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