Aurora Station: New Luxury Hotel Will Offer the Best Views of Earth

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A new luxury is about to open in 4 years from now, in 2022 if the plans of a company called Orion Span come true. This new luxury place will be located in space in an orbit about 200 miles (320 kilometers), which is a little lower than the International Space Station (ISS). Orion Span is planning to lift their hotel, the Aurora Station, into orbit late 2021.

Aurora Station (Courtesy of Orion Span)

This will be probably the most expensive hotel stay you can buy as the 12-day visit to Aurora Station will cost you about $9,5 million. Orion Span is already accepting waitlist deposits of $80.000, which is fully refundable. Besides that, you have to undergo a 3 months training program to be ready for your stay. Unclear is so far how the visitors will get to the hotel. Currently, the US has no manned space program. Many private companies like SpaceX, BlueOrigin and even NASA with their new Space Launch System (SLS) are working on manned crafts. So far no details have been released on that part. But there are still a few years to get all that figured out.

The station can accommodate four paying guests and two crewmembers which will be most likely former astronauts. What makes the hotel so special is the view. You won’t get any other place on earth giving you that kind of a thrill ride to your hotel and offering this amazing views.

Aurora Station (Courtesy of Orion Span)

The station’s module measures 43.5 feet long by 14.1 feet wide (13.3 m by 4.3 m) and features a pressurized volume of 5,650 cubic feet (160 m³). If everything goes well, the station can grow with more modules to accommodate more guests.

Extended Version of the Station (Courtesy of Orion Span)

The station is built by Orion Span itself in Houston and Software will be written in the Silicon Valley. Many of Orion Span’s engineers helped design and operate the ISS.


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