Avis Customers Be Careful If You Use The App And an AWD#

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Be careful if you use your companies Corporate AWD# or any other AWD# which is stored in your account. An AWD# (Avis Worldwide Discount Number) can be added to your online profile to get negotiated discounts and rates for your company.

I just found out the hard way that my Avis Android app has some issues. It uses a default AWD# which shows up on the rental receipt as “Mobile App”. See the screenshot below. This is the default AWD# the app uses every time I try to make a reservation. I am able to change it, but I have to do it manually for every time I make a reservation.

Sample Reservation: Wrong AWD# is applied

On my Avis account online, I still have the correct AWD# added to my profile but for some reason, the app won’t use the number from my account and just defaults to the app standard number.

If you go to the account settings inside the Android app you can see a “Discount Codes (AWD)” field and an edit button next to it. If you touch the edit button, a new window opens in which you can enter your AWD#. However, when you click on save at the bottom of the screen you get an error message to confirm your password and try again. Maybe the programmers had too much to drink, but there is no field to even enter the password, only the AWD# field, Company Name and the Save-Button at the bottom. See screenshot below.

The App wants a password but no way to enter one.

I already called Avis and let them know about it. Their solution is to either call in or use the website for reservations. Both a very inconvenient, as the app is straightforward.

Make sure you double check if your number is correct before you click the reserve button, as a different AWD# can also change your rates for your reservation.

I hope Avis will fix this soon, but this is an ongoing issue for a few weeks now.  As of writing this post, no update was available for the app. I also don’t know if the iOS app is affected as well.

What is your experience? Do you have the same issue and what phone do you use? Let me know in the comments.

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