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Avis tries to revolutionize the car rental industry with its new app. It gives you features I was waiting for a long time. Avis Now is supposed to automate the car rental experience and give customers more control.

Here the official list from Avis about the new features:

  • You can see all the available cars on the lot
  • Check the mileage and features of each one
  • Pick the exact car you want
  • Lock and unlock your car right from your phone
  • Get real-time notifications and updates
  • AND return your car with just one click

I tried to use the new feature on my current rental, but I had trouble with the app on my Android device and was not able to accept the ToS for Avis now.

After a couple of days, I got Avis Now finally to work but was never able to try it out. However, on my next car rental with Avis, I will try to use it and report back.

In the messages I exchanged with an Avis rep, I got told that the app only works at approx. 50 of their main locations throughout the country.  If you are renting from a smaller center or a franchised station, you won’t be able to use it at the moment. I am pretty sure all these 50 stations are airport rental car stations at the major cities throughout the U.S.

It would be also interesting to see if you can select any car in your category or only the cars available for free exchange or upgrade. You can pick these cars either way. but with the app, you might be faster to secure that Ford Mustang placed in the exchange row. I really hope they show me all the cars in my category and allow me to pick one of it and of course also, show the exchange and upgrade row inventory.

If you read the list and watch the video, you will see that they announce different features in each one. Hope all of them are included.

A feature I would highly love would be the remote lock/unlock. Premium car makers give you already the option to lock your car via their app. Now it would be great if that would be possible with Avis Now and your rental car as well.

Even tho that I am currently not able to use Avis Now, I still have the problem that the loading times are tremendous and that the app always logs itself out again. This is super annoying if I have to log in all couple of minutes/hours. How would I get the introduced push updates if I am not logged in? Yes, I checked the “remember me” box. 😉

It would be also great if I finally could extend my rental via the app. So I don’t have to call the automatic system anymore, which is so bad that I always ask for an agent right away. Also, that takes forever and you are on hold and waiting. But I bet they won’t get rid of their $10 fee for extending your rental, even tho everything could be really automated with the app.

Avis Car Rental
Avis Car Rental
Price: Free
‎Avis - Car Rental
‎Avis - Car Rental
Developer: Avis Budget Group
Price: Free
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