AwardWallet: Managing your miles and points

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Once you become obsessed with miles and points from airlines, you will sign up for a bunch of frequent flyer and loyalty programs of hotels, car rentals and more.

Now you have to keep track of them to be more efficient and even know how much miles and points you have. I went through a couple of services but my first choice is AwardWallet.

AwardWallet supports 648 loyalty programs at the time of writing this article. They are not only supporting airline, hotel and car rental loyalty programs, no there is also support for a lot of other loyalty programs like grocery stores, credit cards, dining programs and manyΒ more. Just check on the website if they support your program you are enrolled in.

AwardWallet is free

AwardWallet OneCardThe best thing about AwardWallet is, that it is completely free to track an unlimited amount of accounts. However I would recommend you to upgrade AwardWallet Plus, which gives you expiration dates on your miles and a more detailed reporting. The free version only shows the expiration date of miles for the first 3 loyalty programs. However if you click on “edit” you will also see the expiration date, it’s literally only one click away. AwardWallet Plus costs you a minimum of 5$ for 6 month. This will give you all the benefits of the Plus membership. But if you donate 10$ or more for the 6 month period you also get an AwardWallet OneCard. This credit card sized plastic card holds up to 30 loyalty programs on the front and back. Including your account number and the contact phone number of each loyalty program. It also has a magnetic stripe that will allow you to check-in at airport kiosks. If you donate 25$ you will be able to get three AwardWallet OneCards and if you donate 50$ and more for 6 month, you can get up to 6 OneCards.

There are two types of cards: A golden and silver one. If you have more than one million points and miles all together you will get the golden one, if you have fewer than one million you will get the silver one. This is the only difference, everything else is the same.

Also your password for the loyalty programs is not stored on the card. If you lose your card, your accounts are safe.

Tracking your points and miles

For most programs AwardWallet can automatically update the points and miles. However some airlines have forced AwardWallet to do that, like Delta Airlines (I am still angry about that). Now you have two choices: Either update the miles manually by checking your account and then edit the specific program by hand (e.g. Delta Airlines) or you route your E-Mails from Delta through AwardWallet. They will extract the necessary information and account changes and will update your miles, the E-Mail also gets forwarded to your E-Mail address you used to sign up for AwardWallet.

Another big feature is, that for a lot of loyalty programs, AwardWallet can auto-login you to their websites. You only open the AwardWallet website and click on the desired loyalty program and AwardWallet will try to log you in. For some sites you have to use a browser plugin, but it works pretty fine for most of the programs I use.

AwardWallet also shows you promos for the programs your added to your account. That means you don’t have to go through all the websited by hand to find this promos.

You also can manage your itineraries like on TripIt. AwardWallet will automatically import reservations from the loyalty programs you added to your account.

Managing family or business

You can also add more names to your Account, which will enable you to manage the miles for your whole family or if you are responssible for booking, you can manage your company or customers. You can choose between a whole AwardWallet account for that additional name or only an Alias.

Go Mobile

with AwardWallet apps for Android and iOS. This allows you to check your balances on the go and can help you to make a choice about a last minute award booking with points or miles.

Special offer

I have some free upgrades to AwardWallet Plus (without the OneCard). If you are interested like me on Facebook or Goggle+ and send me a message at one of this social networks and sign up for an AwardWallet account through this link. This will give you a free upgrade for 6 month. But it’s only valid for first time users.

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