Photos of the Partial Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse 2020

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Even with most of the Independence Day firework shows canceled throughout the U.S. because of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, we were able to watch another celestial show in the night sky. A full moon rose Saturday night which was also a partial penumbral lunar eclipse. A Penumbral lunar eclipse happens when the moon’s northern edge will pass through the partial shadow of the earth while being close enough to opposite the Sun.

As it was only a partial eclipse, the difference was hardly noticeable with the naked eye. Still, it was a great sight. Moonrise was just a few minutes after sunset up here in Seattle, WA. Which made it perfect to view and also photograph during the blue hour. 

A full moon in July is called “Buck Moon”. A name traced back to the Maine Farmer’s Almanac in reference to male deer growing out their antlers. Other names for this moon are Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, Rose Moon, Guru Moon, and Dharma Day, according to NASA.

For more information and animations of the partial lunar eclipse of the Buck Moon, visit Time and Date.

After a day exploring the Cascade Mountains near Stevens Pass, I headed back to photograph the lunar eclipse. I set up underneath the Fremont Bridge which would bring Lake Union in the foreground as the moon rises over the horizon.

The official firework in Seattle was canceled, but many people did their own firework and therefore I got to see a small firework show as well while waiting for the moon to rise over the ridge.

Social distancing was no problem, as not many people were out in this spot. Most of them went to the nearby Gasworks Park. I set up my tripod with my 70-200 mm lens with a 2x teleconverter mounted to my camera.

Was anyone else out to capture the moon and the eclipse? Don’t forget to check out my other lunar images.

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  • […] According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the November full moon is called the Full Beaver Moon. This is the time when beavers usually went into their lodges for winter. This year’s Beaver Full Moon will also be part of a penumbral lunar eclipse. This means the moon enters into Earth’s penumbra or outer shadow. During the eclipse, the moon gets slightly darker but it is hard to see for the human eye. However, it can be measured with instruments. Earlier this year I photographed the partial penumbral lunar eclipse of the Buck Moon.  […]


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