Cathay Pacific Is Now a Participating Airline in TSA Pre✓®

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Cathay Pacific, a member of the Oneworld Alliance, is now participating in TSA PreCheck. TSA Pre helps you to speed up your time at the security checkpoint at airports. You no longer need to remove your laptops from the bags or take your shoes off. You can even leave lighter outer ware on. So far I had a great experience with TSA Pre. It’s also great if you want to visit a lounge and have to go to a different terminal, where you have to get out of the secure area and back in, like at the San Francisco International Airport.

To get TSA Pre-approved you have to enroll in the program and undergo a background check. I got my TSA Pre status with my approval for Global Entry. Global Entry speeds up your immigration procedure at your point of entry to the United States. Both of them are a great benefit when you are a frequent flyer. Everyone who signs up and gets approved for Global Entry gets automatically TSA Pre status as well.

As TSA Pre is only available at US airports, more and more international carriers participate in the program. This is great as it speeds up your time at the security checkpoint for international flights as well.

Lufthansa was the first European Airline to participate in TSA Pre and with the extension to ever more international carriers this makes traveling a whole lot easier.

I highly recommend you to sign up for TSA Pre. Check your credit cards, most of the top tier credit cards reimburse you for the Global Entry Fee or TSA Pre fee. If you think about traveling internationally at some point, sign up for global entry and with it, you get TSA Pre as well. Make sure your credit card reimburses you for that. For example, the American Express Platinum Cards and Chase Saphhire Reserve Cards have this benefit.

I am really excited about Cathay Pacific joining TSA Pre. Just a bit over a week ago, Cathay Pacific celebrated it’s first Airbus A350 flight to San Francisco. The photo of this post was taken at the plane spotting event to welcome the A350 in San Francisco.

Welcome, Cathay Pacific!

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