First European Airline joins TSA PreCheck

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After AirCanada, Aeromexico and Etihad joining TSA Pre as a foreign airline, Lufthansa is the first European Airline to join TSA Pre. This will allow passengers to speed up the security check process on US-outbound flights operated by Lufthansa.

I love TSA PreCheck. With it, security at airports is a breeze and I usually zap right through it. You can leave all your stuff in your bags and leave shoes and belts on, no Nude-o-Scope just regular metal detector.

I got my TSA PreCheck when I signed up for Global Entry and used the offer from American Express to get the free refunded.

But in my opinion, TSA Pre is not really working as it supposed to be.

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With TSA Pre you will undergo a background check and get assigned a KnownTraveller Number by the government. In my opinion, you should be always able to use your TSA Pre at all US Airports, no matter of what airline you will fly on. TSA Pre is for the US screening process not what airline you travel on.

The airlines shouldn’t even have to participate in that. I know they have to print the TSA Pre logo and the specific code to the boarding pass. This will allow the scanners at the checkpoint to read your boarding pass and verify you have TSA Pre. If this is such a big deal, give us a TSA Pre card or an app for it. TSA agents would be able to scan a regular boarding pass and your TSA Pre status. But why easy if there is a more complicated route…

Are you using TSA Pre and what to you think?

Be warned. As of right now you can’t add your Known Traveler Number (KTN) to your profile. You have to give it to Lufthansa during check-in.

As I just found out by talking to Lufthansa, you have to add your Known Traveler Number (KTN) during check-in. This tells me that the whole TSA Pre program is set up without any thought.

If I have to add it during check-in, why even worry about it. Give us another stupid plastic card, like crew members have, and all of a sudden we can get through security as a TSA Pre member no matter what airline we fly.

I still don’t understand why this depends on the airline. Giving the airline your KTN during check-in doesn’t even give them time to check on you and if you are on the No-Fly-List you get denied with or without TSA pre.

TSA Pre is amazing but how they set it up is stupid in my eyes.

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