Google Maps for Android Gets List Feature

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Google Maps finally got a feature, which I was awaiting for a long time. Finally, you can organize and save places in lists. Until now you were only able to “save” places, which marked the saved place with a star on the map.

But if you have hundreds of stars on a map you lose the overview. Now you can finally add lists and save places accordingly. Like a list of all the places, you want to visit on your next vacation trip or the best restaurants in town. You can create your own custom lists now.

Until now I used Google My Maps to create “lists” and display the MyMap-Map as an overlay in Google Maps. All that is now way easier with the new list feature in Google Maps.

Lists are only available for Android right now, but will roll out for iOS and Desktop soon. To take advantage of this features, just update your Google Maps App to the latest version on Google Play Store.

What do you think about this feature? I really missed it in Google Maps and brought it to Google’s attention many times. It seems like enough people were the same opinion to actually implement this feature.

Other map apps like Here Maps from Nokia have that features already for a very long time.

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