“Century Circle” at Edwards Air Force Base

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Century Circle is part of the Air Force Flight Test Museum which is currently located on Edwards AFB and not open to the public anymore. However, a new museum is under construction right now at the Century Circle outside the West Gate of Edwards AFB. Century Circle gets its name from the six displayed aircraft, that make up the “Century Series” fighters as well as a YC-15. In the future this area will be the new ground for the Air Force Flight Test Museum. Another display, a B-52 mothership, also part of the Air Force Flight Test Museum is located at the North Gate of Edwards Air Force Base. If you still can’t get enough, visit Mojave Air and Space Port or Blackbird Air Park next to Joe Davies Heritage Airpark.

Getting There

The Century Circle is located just outside the Edwards AFB West Gate. In Rosamond, CA turn East onto Rosamond Blvd towards Edwards AFB. Rosamond is located north of Lancaster, CA off California Highway 14 which connects to I-5 near Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles. It is about a 1.5 hour drive from downtown Los Angeles. The most scenic route is taking Angeles Crest Highway (CA-2) towards Palmdale, CA which connects to CA-14 to Rosamond.

From the off-ramp of CA-14 (Exit 55) it’s about a 10.5 mile drive to the Century Circle. Once outside of Rosamond, you will enter Air Force Property. Stay on the road and obbey the speed limit. Don’t stop anywhere or take any pictures. There are sings to remind you that photography and videography is prohibited. Follow Rosamond Blvd towards the base gate. Century Circle will be on your right shortly after the road makes a left turn. You can’t miss it. Take the exit to the parking lot near the planes otherwise you will end up at the base gate.

Century Circle

Currently there are seven planes on display here. 

  • North American YF-100 Super Sabre
  • McDonnell F-101B “Voodoo”
  • Convair TF-102A “Delta Dagger”
  • Lockheed F-104A “Starfighter”
  • Republic F105D “Thunderchief”
  • Convair F-106B “Delta Dart”
  • McDonnell Douglas YC-15

The Century Series Fighters are placed around a restored AFFTC control tower tat is 18 foot tall and 28 foot wide. During the testing heyday of the 1950s, the tower entered into service and was used until 1988.



Remember you are on Air Force Property just outside the gates of a military installation. Don’t be stupid or give the guards any reason for suspicious behavior. 

Don’t take photos of the base gates, even when you try to take pictures of the planes. Also don’t take any pictures of the lake bed, the area behind the planes. It will show up in the background of some of your photos but don’t just take a close-up of it. Please follow these rules to make this place enjoyable for many more visitors until the new museum is completed. 

Future Air Force Flight Test Museum

I can’t wait for the future Air Force Flight Test Museum to open its doors for visitors at this site. It’s still ways to go but the first concrete pad is already poured for the first hangar. The first part of the museum, a 60,000 sq-ft hangar, is set to open at the end of 2021. Currently the museum, located on Edwards AFB, has only a size of 8,500 sq-ft.

Render of the future museum
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