The Coolest Gift I Ever Got from a Hotel Chain

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I am very loyal to a few hotel groups. Even with the ongoing devaluation of the loyalty programs, some still offer some great benefits. One of my favorite hotel groups is SPG.

Most of you probably know that SPG got bought by Marriott and they are in the process of merging the two hotel chains into one. As of now you still can sign up for an SPG account and earn one of the most valuable points out there – Starpoints from SPG.

My first stay at an SPG hotel was at the Aloft in Portland. That’s when I really fell in love with this hotel group. Later on, I got to stay at the Westin Lake Las Vegas. This property is just amazing and one of the best places I ever stayed. So far I would consider this hotel even the best place to stay in Las Vegas. Well technically the hotel is not located in Vegas but neither is most of the strip. Most people don’t know but the Las Vegas Strip is located in the city of Paradise, NV which is an unincorporated town in Clark County.

The footprint of SPG is rather small but I would say there is an SPG in every major destination around the globe. Now with being merged with Marriott, you have an even bigger pool to use your points on. As of right now you still have to convert your points but you can convert it from SPG to Marriott and back. Once the merger is complete, Marriott will be the biggest hotel group in the world.

I only had one major negative experience with an SPG property. It was the Four Points by Sheraton Sacramento Airport. Please don’t stay there. The staff doesn’t care about you, they are inflexible and don’t work with you on any issue. Their room key system has issues, which a lot of people noticed before me and left comments on the official website of this hotel. Still, when I got to the front desk after the third set of keys to get into my room, they behaved like they didn’t know anything about it. But that was my only bad experience with the property itself. There can be always some hiccups during a stay, we are all humans and make mistakes. But back to the positive things…

I love about SPG’s excellent support on social media. I usually tweet or DM @SPGassist with questions and comments. They are quick with their responses no matter what time it is and they always were able to help me out.

One day I got a package in my mail and I didn’t know what it was. I wasn’t expecting any delivers. After I opened, I was totally surprised.

SPG send me the “Atlas Obscura”. This is not one of your usual atlases. This one shows you all the obscure and weird stuff around the world. This book hit the spot. I love to visit off the beaten path destinations and places and now I have a whole book full of places to explore. Damn you SPG! What should I do now? Quit my job to explore them all? But thanks for the great book and yes this book will definitely inspire me.

Atlas Obscura
Atlas Obscura

SPG you are awesome!

Let’s hope Marriott will incorporate your great service and support as well. I will always try to live the #spglife!

If you want to get your own copy of the book, I would appreciate if you use the link below. This is an affiliate link and I will make some cents with your purchase. This supports and helps me to keep the site going. I really appreciate it. The atlas is available as an ebook or printed copy.

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