The Day When I Crashed the Star Wars Rogue One World Premiere

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Well, I didn’t really crash the world premiere. My plan was to show an out of town friend and her family the walk of fame. We took the subway to get to Hollywood/Vine Station and after we exited the Metro and got on the street, we saw a big tent covering the whole street. Everything was fenced in and we had to go through a metal detector and had our bags searched.

We didn’t know about that event at all. We only tried to get to see the walk of fame. Which was not that easy anymore. One side of the street was completely closed down and you couldn’t walk there at all and miss out on all these “Stars”.

However, it was a great experience and especially to see an X-Wing fighter in life-size. Unfortunately, there was no way to get close to it.

They had security guards and metal detectors everywhere.

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Star Wars Rogue One World Premiere
Star Wars Rogue One World Premiere
Star Wars Rogue One World Premiere
Star Wars Rogue One World Premiere

The World Premiere was on 12-10-2016 along the Hollywood Blvd.

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  • Ha! There’s nothing like a surprise Rogue One event to liven an evening up.

    OK, here’s my fun Star Wars story: When The Force Awakens came out, I decided I’d wait a few weeks for the hype and crowds to die down before I saw it. Well, on opening weekend, a friend arranged a private showing for his real estate clients … and he just happened to have a near-movie-quality Darth Vader costumer, and he needed someone to wear it for the event. So he called me to be his Darth Vader, and I wound up seeing it on opening weekend. So much for my plans to escape the hype!


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