DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Monrovia – Pasadena Area Review

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Booking & Stay Details

I made this reservation about 3 hours before arrival at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Monrovia when I finished working on a project in Santa Barbara on Sunday afternoon. My next project would bring me back to the Pasadena area for a few days. I decided to book a DoubleTree or Tapestry hotel by Hilton as I had an Amex offer on my Platinum card which would give me $45 back for spending $225 or more. The closest DoubleTree or Tapestry hotel was the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Monrovia – Pasadena Area. Even though there was plenty of time left to use this offer somewhere else, I rather use it and have the bonus in my bank before losing it. It happened too many times before as my work is unpredictable.

Also, I never stayed at this property, which gives me a chance to review it.

Date: Mid-October 2021

Length of Stay: 2 Days


The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Monrovia – Pasadena Area is located next to the I-210 freeway in Monrovia. The closest off-ramp of the I-210 is Huntington Drive. When heading eastbound the hotel entrance is straight ahead of you. Heading westbound it’s just a short drive after making a right at Huntington Dr. Thanks to the proximity to the freeway, it’s easy to get wherever you have to go if you are ready for LA traffic.

In the vicinity are plenty of other hotels as well as plenty of restaurants and places to shop. There is even a Red Lobster in the same building as the hotel, but it’s not related to the hotel itself.

Less than a mile from the hotel is Arcadia Station of the Metro L Gold Line. This makes it easy to get to different places throughout the greater LA area. It’s also an advantage if you want to go downtown as parking there is very expensive.


I parked in front of the main entrance and walked into the hotel to check-in. There was only one couple who just finished checking in as I walked in. After showing my ID the agent got my room keys ready. As I already booked the best available room for the night, I didn’t even bother to ask for an upgrade. I received my room key with two bottles of water and two chocolate chip cookies which is customary at DoubleTree hotels. I grabbed everything and went back out to my car to grab my bags and headed upstairs to my room.

The elevators are just around the corner from the front desk. Follow the hallway to the left of the front desk and you will get right to the elevators. This is also the area where they store the luggage carts if you need one. From the elevator lobby on the 10th floor you get an amazing view of the mountains.

I parked my car near the main entrance of the hotel where I feel it is safer at night. Parking at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Monrovia is complimentary. There is also a security guard on-site who walks the grounds regularly. This made me feel better to leave my car in the parking lot.

1 King Bed-bathng Tub-nonsmoking (Room 1021)

By the way, I didn’t misspell the name of the room. That’s exactly how the room is called on the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Monrovia website. I had to think a second first a second myself to figure out what a bed-bathing and a tub-nonsmoking is. 😉

The room is located on the very end of the hallway which makes it a corner room. When you walk in you will find the bathroom to your right. Just outside the bathroom is a dressing mirror mounted on the wall. The bathroom has a wooden sliding door. Inside is a wooden closet that holds the iron and ironing board, as well as the hairdryer. The vanity has a single sink with a large wall-mounted mirror with lights around its edges. There is plenty of storage space on top of the vanity for your hygiene articles.  The bathroom also features a bigger-than-usual bathtub. It’s not a hot tub, it’s just an oversized bathtub. The tub comes with a handheld shower wand but there is no showerhead. There is a curtain as a splash guard to keep the rest of the bathroom clean. The special feature about this bathtub is the other side is open towards the bedroom. There is a glass wall that takes up about 70% of the opening towards the bedroom. The top 30% is open but it’s high enough that it’s very unlikely to splash water into the bedroom area. If you want privacy while using the toilet or taking a bath, there is a curtain on the bedroom side of the wall. Because of the opening, you can close it either from the bedroom side or from the bathroom side by stepping into the tub.

On the other side of the glass wall is a chaise longue. Opposite of it is the large tinted room window. It has three sections and each section has its own sunshade you can bring down. There is one large curtain which can cover the whole window. In the stored position, the curtain takes up one section of the window. The view from the window is nothing special as you are facing south. Other rooms on the floor have windows facing west, which would be at least better to watch the sunset, especially from the 10th floor.

In front of the window is the A/C unit. It sticks in pretty far into the room but is has at least a wooden cover over it. Probably also to protect the unit from accidental damage by bumping into it. The air blows toward the chaise longue and the space between it and the bed. This is not too bad, still, I wish it would be more recessed into the wall.

The King Bed has a very large headboard with padding in the bed area. On either side of the bed are a nightstand and a wall-mounted light fixture. Each of the light fixtures comes with a power and USB outlet.

In front of the bed, a little off-centered to the right is a large wall-mounted 42-inc TV. At this hotel, you can at least turn and angle the TV in the direction you want to. Most other hotels have the TV mounted fixed with no option to angle it anywhere. Underneath it, is an L-shaped desk with a tempered glass top. The section of the desk underneath the TV comes with 2 closets. Inside the left one is a microwave and the in-room safe. The right one houses a mini-refrigerator. On top of the desk is a coffee maker and ice bucket. 

The other side of the L-shaped desk is the actual desk space. It comes with a comfy chair and a lamp on top of the desk. The lamp also has power and USB outlets for charging your devices.

To the left of the desk area, between the AC unit and the desk, is a smaller closet that has two drawers and the top can be used for your suitcase.

Housekeeping service is currently only available upon request and has to be scheduled through the front desk. The rooms must be vacant during the service. These are the hotel policies due to the coronavirus pandemic.

PublicAreas & Amenities

The lobby is a big open space and beautifully designed. There are plenty of seating spaces throughout the lobby area. On the other end of the lobby are the doors to the hotel’s courtyard. The Elements restaurant and a coffee shop are also located in the lobby area. 

Business Center

Next to the front desk is a small business center with two workstations and a printer.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is located at the end of the hallway where you also find the elevators. It’s on the very end on the right side. The fitness center has a window front with a view of the courtyard and pool area. It is open 24 hours a day and features the usual workout equipment.

Pool and Courtyard

The pool is located at the back of the hotel in the hotel’s courtyard. The hotel calls it a patio area. It features a pool that has stairs on both ends but is only 4ft deep at its deepest spot. On the far side of the pool area are few cabanas that are on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is also a long outdoor garden sofa near the pool but no pool loungers except for the ones in the cabanas. The hot tub is located next to the pool.

The pool, hot tub and patio area are open from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. The patio area is also beautifully lit at night. The area next to the Elements restaurant would be the perfect spot for outdoor dining.


Hilton changed their free breakfast benefit for elites in July of 2021 to an elite food & beverage credit. Depending at which property you stay, you will receive a credit per day which you can use at all restaurants and bars of the hotel. However, the credits don’t rollover. You have to use them every day or otherwise they will expire. Gold and Diamond members would normally get free breakfast but receive now rather this elite food & beverage credit. Gold and Diamond members will receive a credit of $15 per day.

One alternative would be booking a rate which includes breakfast. Make sure the rate difference between a rate that includes breakfast and without breakfast is not bigger than the actual breakfast price itself. More about it below.


Breakfast is served at the Elements Restaurant during the week from 6 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. and during the weekend from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. You can either order buffet or a la carte. Room service is available as well but only for breakfast. As mentioned earlier, elites receive an elite food & beverage credit of $15 per day at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Monrovia – Pasadena Area. Of course, the buffet costs $16.99 + tax per person. Therefore no more free breakfast for elites, just heavily discounted. The prices for a la carte items vary of course.

If you book a rate that includes breakfast make sure it doesn’t cost more than roughly $19 above the regular rate as the breakfast costs you $16.99 + tax. The tip is not included in this calculation.

I highly recommend you to go with the buffet, as pretty much anything on the menu is included in the buffet. The buffet is really amazing and reminds me about the good old times before we talked about pandemics. You find pretty much everything you crave at the buffet. The buffet area has a triangle shape with another desk in the middle for juices. On the outside, you have everything from toast, pastries, cereal, hot breakfast items, fruit and much more. Make sure you check the daily special of the hot breakfast items. It’s usually the last pan at the hot breakfast section of the buffet. You can also make to order omelets from the chef at the window at the end of the room. Waffles can be requested as well, either with the waiter or the chef at the omelet station. The team working the breakfast was super awesome and had a very positive attitude which you could definitely feel.  

Elements Restaurant

The Elements Restaurant is the on-site restaurant of the hotel. It’s located on the ground floor at the far end of the lobby. Unfortunately, the restaurant is closed for lunch and dinner due to the pandemic. Only the bar is open during the evening hours from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. You can order food for delivery from your preferred services like Uber Eats or Doordash and enjoy it in the restaurant area with drinks from the bar.


Teafolia is a coffee shop in the lobby. Unfortunately, it’s also currently closed because of the pandemic. However, you can purchase all the small snack items on the shelves by picking what you want and paying at the front desk. Room charge is possible as well. Coffee can be purchased at the Elements Restaurant during operation hours.


Overall I had a great experience here as well. The hotel is well maintained. I really enjoyed having a full breakfast buffet again. This is worth a lot nowadays. Besides the buffet you also get a chef to prepare your omelet or waffles. It’s just fantastic if you have enough time to enjoy breakfast. The patio area with pool is also amazing. It’s great to hang out and get some fresh air besides sitting in a hotel room. The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Monrovia has easy access to the freeway and public transportation as well. It’s a place I can see myself staying again in the future.


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