Etihad’s “Reimagine” Virtual Reality Movie

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Etihad has one of the most luxurious Airbus A380 configuration out there. Ever flown in an “apartment” in the skies? If not, you should try Etihad’s First Apartment.

Etihad just released a short virtual reality (VR) movie, starring Nicole Kidman. The trailer is a 360° movie, so make sure to look around and explore.

To watch the full movie you have to download an app for Android or iOS. For the best experience, you should use Google Cardboard. The movie will be available for Samsung Gear VR soon.

The app for Android is about 25 MB and the almost 6-minute long movie has another 430 MB. During the movie turn and tilt your phone around to get the full experience and see the surroundings.

In the movie, Etihad basically shows all the classes available on their A380 airplane. If you ever have flown in Etihad’s First Apartment, you don’t want to fly any other way anymore.

How do you like the movie?

Looks like more and more airlines are recruiting popular persons for their ads. Like this one from Emirates with Jennifer Aniston.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Photo by Etihad

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