My First Day in Hong Kong

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My recent travel plans brought me to Hong Kong. I always wanted to come here. The architecture here is very impressive. The airport is a masterpiece of architecture as well, as it was built into the ocean by leveling some island and backfilling the rest of it. The old airport was located within the city area and it was a crazy maneuver for the pilots to land there. The new airport is big and supports the rapid growth of Hong Kong. Most of you have seen the amazing skyline of Hong Kong in various movies and TV shows.

My direct flight from Munich to Hong Kong was on a Lufthansa’s A340-600. The flight was smooth and I meet a nice woman from Spain aboard the plane. Hong Kong’s International Airport is amazing. It is a state of the art airport with a lot of space and great architectural design. After my first night, I spent some time in the center of Hong Kong.

Getting to the city center is the easiest by taking the subway (MTR). The train takes you right to the central station and you are in the middle of the city.

During my first day, I tried to get an impression of the city and what it has to offer. I haven’t done any tourist things except walking along the streets and visited Hong Kong Park. At Hong Kong Park you can find the Hong Kong Conservatory. The admission is free and inside you can see different plants from all over the country. There is an Aviary as well, where you can watch different birds. It is covered by a big and tall net, so they can’t fly away.

Hong Kong Park is really beautiful, you can go there and relax, hang out and enjoy the day. You really have to see it, if you are around. More to come…

I also tried to ride the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak but there was a big queue and the waiting time was about 1,5 hours. That was too much for me today.

Enjoy the pictures…



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