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Amazing new benefit for American Express cardholders. Since today you can sign up for an Boingo American Express Account. This Account gives you access to the Boingo network with over 1.000.000 Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. You get unlimited data and also free roaming around the world whereever you go. You can use this account with up to 4 devices. Boingo is pretty famous in the US and the are the major player in offering in-fligh Wi-Fi. That means for me to be able to connect 30.000 feet above the ground with you guys. Amazing. I used this service before for a foursquare badge, but unfortunately had to pay for it. Now I can use it whenever I want and unlimited.

The comparable plan with Boingo itself costs around 59$ a month. Another great benefit of American Express. This features seems to roll out internationally no matter in which country you signed up for your card.


If you are eligible for this promotion go to this website and enter your credit card number. Unfortunately they are experiencing technical difficulties right now. I talked to somebody at American Express and the IT-Department is working on it and should be fixed by latest tomorrow morning.

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