Free Electric Vehicle charging at SFO while Parking

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The San Francisco International Airport offers free electric vehicle charging at all its public garages. The spots are marked with “Green Vehicle Parking” and are available on a first come, first served basis.

The airport provides Level 1 or Level 2 charging stations where you have to provide your own cable for Level 1 charging. Check the website for more detailed information. Type “SFO” in the search field to find the stations at the airport. The best of all is, the charge is free, but unfortunately not the use of the garage itself.

The Bay Area is definitely a growing market for EVs. With the Tesla factory in Freemont just a few miles away from the airport. I see also more and more of BMW i3 cars on the streets in the Bay Area as well as the Honda and Toyota electric vehicles. A little while ago I was able to test drive the Honda Clarity Electric.

I only hope nobody is going on a four-week vacation trip and parks its car in one of these stalls and therefore blocks it for everyone else.

Map courtesy of San Francisco Airport


International Terminal Garage A

  • Four stalls on Level 2 (near Terminal walkway)
  • Six stalls on Level 7 (near AirTrain terminal)

International Terminal Garage G

  • Six stalls on Level 1 (near the elevators)
  • Four stalls on Level 3 (near Terminal walkway)
  • Six stalls on Level 7 (near AirTrain terminal)

Long-Term Parking Garage

  • Six Level 1 stalls on each floor, levels 2 through 6 (near the elevators)
  • Four Level 1 stalls on the fifth floor (near the elevators)

There are also Level 1 EV stalls located in the surface lot adjacent to Bus Stops 5, 7 and 8.

Domestic Garage

25 stalls located on Level 1 (stalls are located in each section of the garage located adjacent to the elevator lobbies)

Park Valet

Plug-in Electric Vehicle charging is also available at Park Valet, located on Level 4 of the Domestic Garage


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