Geocaching: Amabilis Mountain

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Depending on the time of the year, this Geocache can be an easy drive-up or a nice Snowshoe hike. During the summer months, you can take your car almost to ground zero. While in the winter, you need to strap on your snowshoes and ascend on foot all the way to the top.

The summit lays at 1374 m (4508 ft) and gives you a spectacular view of Kachess Lake. This area is part of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. The mountain is probably named after Abies amabilis which is commonly called Pacific silver fir.

Summer Exploration

During the summertime, it’s best to take your car up to the summit. It’s a gravel/dirt road and its a relatively easy drive. For some portions of the drive, you need a car with clearance. Be aware of that. The road is a Forest Development Road and is relatively well maintained. Most of the drive is not very scenic. Only the last section of the drive gives you some nice views before you make it to the top. Just follow the main road to get to the top. Google Maps can even navigate you to the top.

On top are multiple spots to park and people camped up here as well. Unfortunately, they left a lot of garbage behind, everything from a camping chair, to flip flops and trash. Please be mindful of nature. If you follow my trail below, you make it to a parking area and from there you can take the summit trail to get to the very top with the best views. It’s a short hike but gets fairly steep at the end as you climb up on a rock. Don’t step to close to the edge, as it goes straight down and it won’t be a pleasant experience if you trip there.

Summit Trail

Winter Exploration

During the winter months, when the mountains here are packed with snow, this is a well-known snowshoe hike. Also, cross-country skiers use the road a lot. You won’t be able to drive up to Amabilis Mountain during the winter. The road/trail is groomed most of the time. A hike on a beautiful winter day is more rewarding than hiking this road up during the summer thanks to the snow-packed trees and mountains.


Amabilis Mountain, Washington
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The Geocache has the same name as the mountain itself: Amabilis Mountain. Locating the cache is fairly easy during the summer, however can be a challenge when the ground is snow-packed in the winter months. Either way, you are looking for an ammo can. On your way back down, log another cache not too far away and right next to the road: Old Logging Road Gate

While you up here, enjoy the views from the summit. It’s gorgeous up here.


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