Geocaching Tour along Ridge Route Road in Southern California

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This is a small alternate route along the I-5 going either north to San Francisco or Bakersfield or if you go south towards LA. If you can spare some time and you looking for some geocaches, you should take this route. Also the view is way better as going on I-5 but it’s slower and not only because you will stop frequently for geocaches also the road is just a one-lane road in each direction. It’s really worth the drive and the caches provide a lot of useful information about this area. Before I-5 was built, this was the main way to cross the mountains…

Getting to the Geocaching-Route:

Going South:

Exit on Templin Highway and just drive up the hill until the first bigger intersection. That’s where you make a right turn on Ridge Route Road. There are also some caches before the road starts, just of Templin Highway.

Going North:

Exit I-5 on Lake Hughes Road and go east until a big intersection. Here starts the Ridge Route Road. Make a left turn and just follow it up the hill. You will drive through some residential area before you leave Castaic and hit the real one lane road.
An important advise from me: Please pre-load the caches on your GPS or Phone and if possible or if you want, get offline maps. The cell reception is almost all the time not existent.

My favorite cache was “A Bit of Shade“. Not because the cache itself was so great – no – because the way to get there was fun. It all depends how you want to get there. You can almost drive up all the way to the cache until the last couple feet and that is what I did. A 4×4 is recommended. If you drive be careful, there are a lot of glass fragments at the overpass. You can also walk there if you’d like to.

Along the Ridge Route Road you will also find a lot of benchmarks, which you can log also on


More information about Ridge Route can be found on this website.

Here some pictures (Spoiler alert).



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