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As I am a frequent traveler, I need to keep track of my itineraries to not loose oversight. For that, I am using TripIt and Google Trips. Both are made to organize your travel itineraries but with some different additional features.

TripIt is more geared towards the Business Traveler. On the other side, I consider Google Trips more for the Leisure Traveler. I am using both as both have unique features.

However, Google will shut down the Google Trips service on August 5, 2019. Until then you can use all the features and access your trip reservations added to the app.

If you have trips planned which go past August 5, 2019, now would be a good time to back up your itineraries and migrate them. As earlier mentioned you can use TripIt. The free TripIt service offers everything you need to keep track of your itineraries.

Many of the services Google Trips offered will live on in other Google apps and services like Google Maps and Google Search. Google created a support page about the upcoming shutdown.

Therefore Google Maps becomes more and more powerful and is probably Google’s best app and service they offer. Google Maps already has so many features helping out on your travels, especially if you have a Gmail account and are logged in with the same to Google Maps.

Two of the best features of Google Trips were the “Need to know” and “Getting around” features. Both give you great information about your destination like Health & Emergencies, Shopping, Money, Internet, and Transportation. These are really helpful information especially if you travel abroad to a country which you never been before. Yes, all your itineraries are available online and you don’t need any internet connection to access them. That’s the beauty of such apps. It saves you carrying around a stash of paper with all your printed itineraries.

Have you used Google Trips or are you currently a different app to keep track of your itineraries?

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