Google Just Launched A Ridesharing Service – Waze Carpool

Some of you may know Waze already. Waze was bought by Google in Mid 2013. Waze is a great app for navigation and to avoid traffic. I am using Waze since years and it helped me a lot of times to avoid traffic slowdowns.

Now Waze will compete with Uber and Lyft, kinda. With Waze Carpool people on the same route will be automatically matched. Waze Carpool is currently in a pilot stage in the San Francisco Bay Area. Waze Carpool wants to improve traffic during the worst time of the day – rush hour. Also only one person (Waze Rider) will be matched to a driver (Waze Driver).

Drivers will use the regular Waze app and for riders there is a separate Waze Riders App. The driver will earn $0.54 per mile, which will be automatically transferred from the Rider to the Driver. Apps will be available for Android and iOS. The updated iOS app will be available soon. Requests should also be made a day before.

‎Waze Carpool
‎Waze Carpool
Developer: Waze Inc.
Price: Free

This is a pretty good idea and I hope this will take away a bit the traffic on the streets in the Bay Area, but it will also mean that Carpool lanes will get a lot more crowded.

[Photo by Waze/Google]


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