Hyatt House Los Angeles/Lax/Manhattan Beach Review

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Booking & Stay Details

I booked the Hyatt House Los Angeles/Lax/Manhattan Beach through the Hyatt app on my phone. Guess where I was when I booked it, I was already in the hotel’s parking lot. Already by looking at the hotel’s image in the app and checking out a few other images, it reminded me a whole lot about the Hyatt House Belmont/Redwood Shores in which I stayed earlier this year. Booking was super easy through the app. Before hitting the “book now” button I checked their parking fees and also checked if there are other hotels in the area which I would be eventually interested too. After maxing out the status on pretty much all the hotel programs for status this year, I can keep now focusing on Hyatt’s lifetime status. You can get this one only with butts in beds. No spending will get you there. Only nights, nights and nights. 

Date: Mid October 2021


The Hyatt House Los Angeles/Lax/Manhattan Beach is located in the City of El Segundo. It’s located in a business district with many big companies nearby like Northrop Grumman and Raytheon to name just a few. There are also lots of shops in the area and the Manhattan Village Shopping Mall is just down the road. Plenty of dining options are also available within the near vicinity. 

From the hotel, it’s just a short walk to a Metro Station. The Metro C Line (Green) takes you either to Norwalk Station or Redondo Beach Station. You can connect to other Metro lines to take you to Downtown LA or wherever you need to go.

The Los Angeles International Airport is only a short drive/ride away from the hotel. Unfortunately, the Hyatt House Los Angeles/Lax/Manhattan Beach does not offer an airport shuttle service.

Many beaches are within close proximity of the hotel as well. Depending on the time of day, parking is usually hard to find and very expensive. Take a rideshare like Uber or Lyft to get there instead.


I arrived just before 1 p.m. at the Hyatt House Los Angeles/Lax/Manhattan Beach. Even though I was early, I wanted to see if I can check in already. As I walked inside I noticed the Halloween decoration all over the lobby area. As very common now, there are also plexiglass windows between the agent at the front desk and guests. While the front desk agent pulled up my reservation, I asked if I could have a ground-floor room. As mentioned earlier, this hotel is very similar to the Hyatt House in Belmont and therefore has no elevators anywhere. As this would be a rather short stay for only a few days, I don’t really want to drag my heavy bags up a set of stairs. I did that the previous week at the Residence Inn by Marriott Los Angeles LAX/Manhattan Beach.

Unfortunately, at the moment there was no ground-level room available but the agent checked and she was able to block one for me which was getting cleaned right now. She told me to check back in about two hours at 3 p.m. That was not a big problem, as I had a couple of phone calls to make and a zoom meeting to attend all in the convenience of my truck 🙂

When I came back at 3 p.m. a different crew was working the front desk but they knew about my special request. They checked my ID and authorized my card for the incidentals while they had me sign a paper with the “house rules”. I took a quick glimpse at the rules and it’s just the usual, no parties, no smoking, no over-occupied rooms and no minor drinking. At the bottom, I had to add my car information. 

Normally they would charge $14/night to park here. Thanks to my Globalist status they waived it and gave me the parking placard I had to put on my windshield. My status also gives me a free bottle of water per day. To get the bottle you need to show the card they put in your room key envelope. The agent working the front desk gave me a quick overview of the hotel, where my room is and where I can park best. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if they assigned me this room because I told them I have many heavy bags. The assigned room was in Building 12 and facing the parking lot. This made it super easy to unload my stuff. But I would have been happy with every other ground-level room as well, even if facing the hotel’s courtyard. Last but not least, I received a little welcome bag from the sales team before I headed out to park in front of my room and unload.

Later on, in the week, I had to extend my stay and went to the front desk after breakfast to do so. They told me that their system can’t extend my stay anymore and that I had to book online via the app/website to extend my stay. They told me I should make sure to book the same style of room I am in currently so I can extend my stay without moving rooms. This is the first time that this happened and the front desk team was unable to extend me on their end. My reservation was booked directly through Hyatt, therefore it shouldn’t be an issue.

One Bedroom King Suite (Room 1213)

Again, this room is very similar to the one at the other Hyatt House in Belmont. Heck, most of the decor is the same. The picture hanging over the bed or at the end of the kitchen are identical to the ones at the other property. Lots of the furniture is identical as well. This brought back memories from my stay earlier this year.

Living Room / Kitchen

The living room portion of this room was very similar to the other property. The only main difference was that I didn’t have a second bedroom at this property as I had before. It’s a very spacious living room area with a sofa bed in front of the window. Next to it is a desk with a lamp followed by a bigger shelf with the TV on top of it. 

Next to the TV was the dining area. Around the dining table are a chair on either side as well as an overhead light fixture.  In the other corner of the living area is a work desk with an office chair in front of it. 

Adjoined to the living area is the full-size kitchen. It’s fully stocked with a full-size refrigerator with ice chest, small coffee maker and a stovetop. This room doesn’t have a stove like at my previous location, which I never used anyway, but it comes with a microwave convection oven. Of course, the kitchen comes with a full set of dishes, silverware, pans and ports and everything else you need to cook a meal. If you are missing something, try to call the front desk and see if you can borrow that item. It will be complimentary for your stay here. I am pretty sure they have toasters they could loan you. 

After the fun of cooking and enjoying a delicious meal is over, you find also a kitchen sink and dishwasher for your clean-up work. The kitchen area has a tiled floor as well as the area immediately after the main room door. The living area has a carpeted floor.

The AC controls are on the wall next to the bedroom door. It’s one setting for the whole suite but vents are located in either room for good air conditioning. 

King Bedroom

The bedroom can be separated from the living area by a double swing interior door. A king-sized bed takes up most of the room’s space. On either side is a nightstand with a lamp. Opposite the bed is a closet with another flatscreen TV on top of it. There is also a window in the bedroom and it faces the parking lot as well.

Adjoined to the bed area is the bathroom space. It comes with tiled floors and single sink vanity with a large wall-mounted mirror. To the right of it are the toilet and shower. A glass wall and sliding door prevent water splashes. The area with the toilet and shower can be separated from the rest of the room with a wooden sliding door. There is no shampoo dispenser in the bathroom. A few single-use bottles are on the vanity and if you need more you have to call the front desk or bring your own.

To the left of the vanity is a large walk-in closet with shelves and hangers for your stuff. A door separates the walk-in closet from the rest of the area.

This property comes with one of my favorite Hyatt features – Chromecast. You can stream straight to your hotel rooms TV. You only need to connect your device to the hotels WiFi and “connect” to the Chromecast service of the hotel through the World of Hyatt app and you are ready to go. Unfortunately, this property isn’t outfitted with Hyatt’s Mobile Entry feature which brings the room key to your phone. It would have been very helpful as I forgot my room keys in my room one time and had to walk all the way back to the frontdesk from where I just came.

Public Areas & Amenities


The lobby is located in the main building of the hotel. You can’t miss it, as you will intuitively go there first when you arrive to check-in. It also has the Hyatt House name displayed over the automatic sliding entrance doors. There are some seating spots in the lobby but most of it is part of the breakfast area and H-Bar. More about it later.

Business Center

Two workstations and a printer are located in the small room to the left of the front desk. This area is also the market where you can buy beverages and snacks. They also have hidden an ATM in there. You won’t notice it if you don’t walk all the way to the back of the room and look around the corner behind the market shelf.

Fitness Center

The fitness center is also located in the main building and is just down the hallway from the front desk. While going down that hallway you will pass the restrooms on your left. Inside the fitness center, you have a pretty good selection of workout gear. Usage of the fitness center is currently limited. You have to make reservations with the front desk and can only reserve for up one hour to work out. I think this policy is a little bit over the top, but I am sure the hotel just has their guest’s best interest in mind.

Guest Laundry

Follow the same hallway you took to get to the fitness center around the corner to get to the guest laundry. You need your room key to get access to it. Inside you find a bunch of washers and dryers which are, unfortunately, all coin-operated.  On the wall is also a dispenser for laundry detergent and dryer sheets, which only takes coins as well. Maybe you can get these at least at the front desk and charge them to your room, rather than going to do laundry with a sack of coins. Inside the guest laundry is also a small table and sink.


The outdoor pool is located in the hotel’s courtyard. To access you would normally need your room key but thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you have to make enow reservations with the front desk for pool use. You are outdoors, probably spaced out anyway at the pool and only can use it with a reservation. That’s strange. This is property is located within Los Angeles County, which has besides San Francisco County one of the most stringent coronavirus policies of the state. However, other hotels in the area let you use the pool without reservation. I am sure the hotel has only their guest’s best interests in mind. Maybe they clean the pool loungers and gear after every reservation. I am not sure.

Courtyard and BBQ Area

Inside the courtyard and next to the pool area is a BBQ spot with two BBQ grills. There are a few tables with seating as well to enjoy your meal. All the necessary gear for the BBQ grill can be obtained at the front desk. On the opposite side of the pool is another outdoor area that can be used for dining or just to sit down and relax. There is no BBQ grill at that spot, but just a bunch of chairs and tables as well as umbrellas. To the side is a U-shaped seating area with a fire pit in the center of it. All of that is on a concrete slab patio. 

EV Charging Station

On the northeast side of the property, towards the train tracks, are two EV charging stations. They are operated by EVgo. You can check their website if you are eligible to charge your vehicle at these charging stations. Alternatively, you can also sign up for their service.



A full hot breakfast is offered at the Hyatt House Los Angeles/Lax/Manhattan Beach. I am so happy that we are getting back to real breakfast at hotels. Even though their policies on the fitness center and pool use are very strict, breakfast is no problem. You can eat in the lobby or take it to your room if you like.

It is a little different kind of buffet as I was expecting when they told me they have a full hot breakfast. The “hot stuff” comes pre-packed in a to-go box. For example scrambled eggs, potatoes, waffles and sausage patties. There are also a few boxes that have no sausage pattie in them and they are labeled.

Other than that, you can get cereals, fruits, coffee, tea, juices, bagels, yogurt and more during the breakfast hours.

Monday – Friday: 6:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

There are a few dining tables in the lobby. They are pretty spaced out for social distancing. Other than that, you can take everything to go. Everything is separately packed as well. Like the apples and bagels are wrapped in plastic foil.

H Bar

The hotel’s H Bar is open as well. Besides a good selection of beverages and drinks, there is also a small food selection. The bar is located in the main building in the dining area next to the front desk. I tried their burger. It was a good burger but there are so many good places for dining nearby I would rather use than the on-site restaurant.

Dining Options Nearby

You don’t have to go far for good food. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance. In the building, next door is Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar. Therefore you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving.


The Hyatt House Los Angeles/Lax/Manhattan Beach is a great hotel. There were no issues during my stay and the staff was great as well. The train tracks of the metro line run close behind the hotel but the noise is not a real issue here. If you are worried about it, ask for a room with a courtyard view and further away from the tracks. The road in front of the hotel gets pretty busy during the day and there could be some traffic noise.

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