Looking Back at My First Visit to the NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

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I am pretty much traveling constantly for 7 years now and mostly for work. About six years ago I had to go to Orlando, Florida and during my weekend time off I used the chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center. The visit turned out to be an amazing adventure. I was always obsessed with space travel since I was a little kid.

The highlight was clearly the tour onto the Space Center and to the different spots throughout the installation. It was the perfect time to visit the Space Center because this was a very rare chance to see both launchpads carrying a space shuttle. This rarely happens that you have bot launch pads with space shuttles on them. I love technology and engineering and it is truly amazing what man mankind created. The launch pads, which are moving on gigantic tracks, are huge. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but believe me, they are.

Launch Pad 01

Launch Pad 02

Launch Pad

If you ever get the chance to visit, do it. It’s really worth it and you won’t regret it.

At the visitor center, you also can take a shuttle experience ride in a simulator, which is pretty awesome. So awesome that I went in there a couple times.

Shuttle Launch Experience


I also would recommend you to visit the Astronauts Hall of Fame, which is not too far from the Kennedy Space Center. Admission to the Hall of Fame is included in the regular Kennedy Space Center ticket.

Astronaut Hall Of Fame

My time there was truly unforgettable and probably better as the alternative Disney World, at least for me. You also can book tickets to witness launches at Kennedy Space Center. The tours are not very cheap, but definitely worth every dime. There is a lot to see at the visitor center. The history of space travel. You get a glimpse at the Apollo programs which helped the US to send the first man to the moon.

Unfortunately, the space shuttle program has come to an end in August 2011 and you won’t see them any longer out at the launch pads. Now you can see the new Space X rockets take off from the Kennedy Space Center taking supplies to the International Space Station.

Recently NASA released an “All About that Bass” parody video on YouTube.

You can find all the pictures I took in my flickr-album.


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