Lounge Review: The Club Orlando International Airport (MCO) Terminal B

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After some time on Floria’s Spacecoast, it was time for me to head to Seattle. I was scheduled to fly later on that day but I arrived early and changed my ticket to an earlier flight. Changing the ticket was the best idea of the day because the inbound plane for my later departure was delayed and therefore I would miss my connection and all other connections coming up.

I still had a few hours to kill and opened up my PriorityPass app to see if there is a lounge which I could use. The Club MCO is located in the same Terminal as my departure gate and I thought that would be easy. I know that Orlando only has Satellite-Terminals which are served by an Automated People Mover (APM). By reading the information in the Priority Pass app I thought something must be off. There are two “The Club Lounges” at Orlando, one at each Terminal. However, the locations are mixed up as well as the pictures. You will find the real location for this lounge below on the map.

But there was one other thing which bothered me. The app states that all passengers who are not departing from the Gates 1-29 (this are the gates at the Concourse 1 Satellite) are required to pass through security again. First I thought they were off because the APM is past the security checkpoint. Well, that is true, but only to board the APM. If you are coming back from the Gates 1-29 and exit the APM there is no way to stay in the secured area, you have to leave the secured area of the airport and clear security again. It’s the same for Terminal A. This terminal has 2 APMs as well and one will drop you off past security while the other one will drop you off in the secured area. Whoever designed that airport was drunk. He probably designed the rental car facilities as well. But that is a different story.

And of course, my departure gate was in Concourse 3 (Gates 30-59). That means I have to leave early to make it in time to my departure gate and knowing that the TSA agents here are one of the slowest I ever encountered. At least on my travel day, they were all slow and nobody really cared that the lines at the checkpoints got bigger and bigger. Even TSApre which is usually a quick and easy swipe through security was slow as hell.

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  • Priority Pass
  • Lounge Key
  • Lounge Club
  • Day Pass ($40)
  • AAA Discount Rewards
  • Diners Club International
  • Lounges for elites of the following airlines: AeroMexico (Skyteam), airberlin (Oneworld), LATAM
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  • Complimentary snacks and beverages, including beer, wine and premium spirits
  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary workstations with PCs and printers and private work booths
  • Newspapers, magazines, TV, flight information monitors
  • Complimentary shower facilities
  • Comfortable, spacious seating
  • Disabled access
  • Children’s area
[/single_tab][single_tab icon=”Defaults-clock-o” title=”Hours of Operation” tab_id=”1451758176279-2-3e416-b5a1dfca-ad5cb4b4-c931″]

daily from 5:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.


Finding the lounge itself was no problem. After getting off the APM bear to your left and you will see the entrance on your left-hand side. I showed my Priority Pass card, signed and I was in. The lounge itself was not to busy. A few people were here. I sat down near the dining/bar area of the lounge.

Entrance to The Club

The lounge is basically split into two parts. Once you get in you find the quiet and rest area to your left and the dining and work area to your right. The small table next to the window was perfect for me and I dropped my bag and headed for the buffet.

The buffet is not bad considering the size of the lounge. They have cheese, cereals, energy bars, soups and even small sandwiches. Perfect for a small snack before your flight and definitely better as what you get in coach. Everything is complimentary here even the spirits at the bar.

The manager on duty was great and walked around asking if the people would like a drink from the bar or anything else to make their stay more pleasant. Also, staff was quick in restocking the buffet and cleaning off tables. I barely took the last piece of my dish and someone already came around and asked to take my plate. This is service and some other lounges could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Newspaper Rack

The Club had one downside! Power outlets. They were rare and more common in the dining area around the workstations near the bar. Other than that, this was a great visit to the lounge and staff was very professional.

Of course, the lounge has also a flight monitor to track departure times and gate changes. But be aware, if you don’t depart from Gate 1-29 you have to take the APM back and clear security again. Consider that when you plan to leave.

I am looking forward to stopping by here again.

The Club Orlando International Airport (MCO) Terminal B





















  • Great Service
  • Good Food
  • Showers
  • Everything is complimentary


  • Not a lot of power outlets

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