Lufthansa Introduces Digital Reading Material for Passengers

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Lufthansa is set to unveil their newest digital innovation later on this month. The new service is called eJournals and offers passengers a digital copy instead of a printed version of magazines and news papers.

This will be the beginning of the end of printed newspapers and magazines. Up to 3 day in advance, passengers will be able to download two digital copies of a magazine or newspaper offered on their eJournals website onto their Smartphones. To get access to this documents you need your ticket number or PNR code. Once downloaded, you can use the content at any time without active data connection and even after you finished your flight.

Lufthansa eJournals
Lufthansa eJournals

Lufthansa plans to expand the eJournals service in March. They plan to add more content to the library and passengers in premium cabins or frequent fliers with a higher tier, will get additional benefits.

If the service is accepted, this will be then the end of printed copes, as mentioned before. As of now, Lufthansa still offers printed copies in their lounges and for passengers booked in Premium Economy and higher.


Other airlines already offer their own inflight magazines as a digital copy. Unfortunately this are only websites with the contend. For example you can read the Alaska Airlines Beyond Magazine or American Way from American Airlines. American Airlines offers a copy of the magazine also as a download here.

This is definitely the right step into the future. It saves a lot of paper and therefore our trees and forests. We all have our beloved smartphones all the time with us. That makes them a perfect tool for such applications.

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