Shelter Bay Marina at the North End of the Panama Canal

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The original plan was to visit the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal near Colón. After reaching the destination a friend and I got hungry and we wanted to go have lunch. We followed the signs on the other side of the Gatun Locks to a restaurant which is at Shelter Bay Marina.

This is a great place, where you can dock your boat, eat and even lodge at the hotel. It’s a nice area and you can watch some nice boats. The people and personal is very friendly. There is a lodge upstairs with a small library and tables to hang out and play tabletop games.

We drove from Panama City up to Colón and followed the signs to the Panama Canal. At the canal, you can cross the canal on top of one of the locks. From there you get a nice view of the locks and ships. If you are lucky there could be a ship right in reach of your fingers. It’s really amazing.

After that, you just keep going straight and follow the sign and road thru the “jungle” to the restaurant. When you get close to the restaurant and Shelter Bay Marina, you have to pass a small security gate. If the security personal asks, just tell them you are going to the restaurant and they will let you pass.
You will drive thru an abandoned military base with old buildings.

Just follow the signs to the restaurant. Near the restaurant is also a small supermarket. You also can find a gym and a nice pool which is only for the people who either stay at the hotel or have their boat docked at the marina.

The restaurant has decent prizes for the food and they accept all major credit cards. Most of the personal also speaks English, so no big communication problem. If you near the Canal and Gatun Locks, you might want to visit that place.


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