Photo of the Week: Downtown Miami by Night

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Sorry guys I was very busy at work and didn’t had really a chance to get back to blogging. A couple of weeks ago I started the “Photo of the Week” project here on my blog. I want to share every Sunday another picture. I will try to keep it related to my current travels or hot topics. This week it is Downtown Miami by Night.

This photo was taken on the bridge between Miami and Watson Island. It is pretty convenient to get to this location even with my gear. I was able to park directly under the bridge and from there it’s just a short walk up the walkway to a good photo spot to frame Downtown Miami. This spot is great for pictures during day and night.

Downtown Miami by Night

Downtown Miami by Night

The walkway and bridge section on Watson Island was rebuilt a couple of years ago and looks great. However when you cross the sidewalk over the bridge and get into Miami it looks like a dead-end and not really friendly for pedestrians. They should have improved that section as well and not just one side.

Tip: Dont chain your bike to the bridge and leave it unattended. There won’t be much left once you get back.

Lonely Bike in MIA