Photo of the Week: The Dalles Dam

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The name already tells you what you see in the photo. I was in The Dalles for a couple of days and on my way back to the hotel during night I saw the illumination of the dam. I had to grab my camera and take a picture of the dam. The dam itself is very photogenic even during day-time hours.

The Dalles is a small town on the Columbia River. A great place for a small adventurous trip. I really enjoyed exploring this area and it was my first time in this region. I also took this stunning photo of the clouds with my smartphone. You can see Mount Hood in the background. The Instagram Photo is unedited and with no filters.

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Ein von Peter (@peter_reinold) gepostetes Foto am



For the Photographer:

This is a long exposure HDR. When I captured the images it was so dark, I couldn’t even see where I am walking. HDR made it possible to show even the dark foreground. Thanks to my Manfrotto tripod it was a quick setup. What really inspired me taking a picture, were the blue, red and yellow lights across the dam. This made the dam almost look like a christmas tree, ehmm sorry christmas dam. 😉

The Dalles Dam
The Dalles Dam

If you are interested, they offer free tours of the dam.


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