Photo of the Week: Salt River Project-Navajo Generating Station

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This power plant caught my eye when I drove around Page, AZ. The idea was to get back here at night and take some pictures of it at dark. The location outside of the small town of Page was perfect to not have a lot of backlighting from the city itself.

Unfortunately, the sky was too cloudy to get any star trails in the background.

View from the Wahweap Overlook

The Navajo Generating Station is a coal power plant which produces 2,250 Megawatt. It provides customers in Arizona, Nevada, and California with electricity. Some of the generated power is used to pump about 0.49 billion gallons of water annually from the Colorado River into the Central Arizona Project. The Central Arizona Project consists of a canal to divert water to the middle (Phoenix) and south (Tucson) of Arizona.

Utility owners of the Navajo Generating Station made the difficult decision not to continue operating the plant after 2019.

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