Photo of the Week: Seattle by Night

In this new section of this blog I want to talk more about photography and pictures. I will try to feature a new photo every week, preferrable on Sunday, and talk about it a little bit. I want to showcase some of my pictures and how I took them or what inspired me to take them and the stories behind the photos.

This week I will start with a night picture of Downtown Seattle.

Seattle by Night

The photo was taken from the Doctor Jose P Rizal Bridge. I saw the bridge many times when traveling on I-5 in and out of Seattle, but never stopped there or tried to get on there. A couple of weeks ago I finally made it on top of the bridge to check out the views and indeed the views were amazing. I set up my camera and tripod and begun taking pictures.


This is a long exposure night-time HDR image. The long exposure makes the cars on the Interstate disappear and lets streams of light appear instead. I love that kind of effects. I took a couple of different long exposures and combined them in a HDR image. This helps to get the dark trees in the foreground more visible instead of just black. On the other side it prevents the city lights from becoming to bright when you expose for the dark tree area in the foreground.


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