Plane Spotting: Amazon Air at Sea-Tac

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On my last flight out of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, I got lucky enough to see an Amazon Air Boeing 767 parked at the airport. Amazon Air, formerly known as Prime Air, is a subsidiary of Amazon.

The plane still reads “Prime Air”. However, Prime Air is now Amazon’s new Drone Delivery System.


These three photos were taken with my smartphone as we were rolling to the runway for takeoff. You are looking at a Boeing 767-338.

Amazon Air Boeing 767-338
Amazon Air Boeing 767-338
Amazon Air Boeing 767-338


Amazon is growing pretty big. Once a revolutionary online marketplace, now a cargo airline, drone delivery system, and soon even a company that will launch rockets into space. Blue Origin, the company behind the rocket technology, was founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

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