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After over one decade of living on the road and traveling by car and plane, my old toiletry bag finally quit. The zippers of the main compartment completely broke and I wasn’t able to close it anymore. This would be especially bad when flying, as you never know if TSA will open up your luggage and go through everything. They are not careful and messed up many things already. Either way, it was time for a new toiletry bag. I have been looking for a while and I wasn’t able to find anything comparable to my old one. It was a fairly cheap toiletry bag which I bought back then at Walmart. This was before the time I really got obsessed about traveling and just needed a toiletry bag. I looked at all the big name brands out there and was hoping to find something from Briggs & Riley as they are my favorite luggage manufacturer. Unfortunately, they didn’t have one either which would fit my expectations.

For some reason, I found my new toiletry bag on Amazon. It is made by IQTRAVELS. I looked up a couple of other comparable toiletry bags and even Amazon-suggestions, but nothing was as compelling as the one from IQTRAVELS. The company calls it:

Travel Kit – Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men – Cosmetic Organizer for Men | Travel Size Toiletries Bag | Large Portable Bathroom Accessories Kit | Travel Toiletry Bag for Women | Diabetic Medicine Bag

This toiletry bag is ideal for men and women as it has a lot of storage space and can hold everything from a full-size shampoo bottle to cosmetic items.

However, the best part of the toiletry bag is, it is adaptable. The two outer pockets on each side are attached by a zipper to the main bag. So you can size up your bag or use it for different purposes. You can just remove one of the other pockets or both of them. A big plus, the two outer pockets can be attached to each other and give you a smaller toiletry bag or maybe even two toiletry bags when using the center compartment as well. You really can change the size of your bag depending on your needs and how long you will be gone. The double zipper will ensure long-lasting use of

As I am always traveling, I will be using a full-size setup. This gives me enough storage space to carry all my essentials for an extended trip, which so far hasn’t ended in over a couple of years.

The inside had many pockets, pouches, and storage compartments to separate your items and make them easily accessible. Everything is now easy to reach once set up. There is a hook attached to the lid of the center compartment, which allows you to hang the bag on a mirror, light,… to unclutter the countertops. There is also a carry handle on the outside of the bag, to carry it around very easily with one hand.

It’s a very durable bag with a three-layer material (Polyester 600D OXFORD) which is also water-resistant. This can save the day when you spill one of your items inside the bag but it won’t get into your actual suitcase. After it happens, the bag is easy to clean. Empty everything out and give it a good rinse. Of course, this works the other way around and keeps the inside of your toiletry bag clean when you expose the toiletry bag to rain or water.

I am very satisfied with this product. IQTRAVELS’ risk-free Lifetime Replacement Warranty covers any damages. What’s not to love about this bag?

Besides the toiletry bag, you also receive a free drawstring shoe bag.

IQTRAVELS sells exclusively through Amazon and if you want to buy one, I would appreciate if you would use my referral link below. This would help me to keep the blog running.

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