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Flying home for Christmas – If you flew out of SFO in the last few days you probably noticed the festive lighting the whole airport put on. Most significant and prominent is the lighting of the International Terminal. But not just outside, also inside you find the festive holiday colors red and green. This tradition is already ongoing for over 10 years.

Next to the roads of the main connector of the airport, you see lighted trees. The bridge which connects parking garages “A” and “G” was modified and resembles now a lighted version of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It’s really joyful what SFO puts on here every year. For me, it was an easy one to enjoy all these lightings because I was staying in the brand new Grand Hyatt at SFO, which also was decorated for the holidays inside. My flight home was scheduled for the next day and what better to do than take some amazing pictures in the meantime.

This makes flying home for Christmas so much more joyful. Have you noticed the lights?

Only one thing was noticeable while standing outside for cars to pass to take pictures. They don’t! So many people just park right in front of the drop-off zone of the international airport and don’t move on. People please, SFO has a cellphone lot and if you want to greet your loved once sooner, park in the garage. Yes, you have to spend money, but don’t block traffic as other people are confused when you are sitting there with your warning flashers on or even block the roadways. Traffic control tried to manage it but couldn’t keep up.

Every year a ceremony is heled when the lights get turned on for the first time each season. Unfortunately, my schedule wouldn’t allow me to participate. The connector bridge between the garages offers some great views of the airport and its lighting. There really should be a sidewalk. During the ceremony, which takes place on the bridge, the bridge is closed for traffic.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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