Silvercar Now Delivers Your Rental Car and Picks It Back Up

Silvercar is offering a new service in San Francisco and New York. Besides picking your car up at the Silvercar station, you can now have your car delivered straight to you.

To use this service just select “Delivery & Pick Up” during the booking process and add your delivery address. A concierge will reach out to you with availability.

Service Areas

This service can be booked up to 24 hours before pickup. To use this service Silvercar will charge you a fee, they call it a flat fee, but actually the fee depends on when you rent and where you rent.


San Francisco Union Square: $50

Manhattan: Monday-Thursday: $75, Friday-Sunday: $100

Brooklyn and Queens: Monday-Thursday: $75, Friday-Sunday: $100


The new delivery and pickup service is a great idea, but service areas are very limited so far. With this service Silvercar, which is owned by Audi now, is giving its own rental car service – Audi on demand – even higher competition. As Silvercar prices are still affordable compared to Audi on demand. However, Audi on demand carries pretty much everything Audi builds. On the other side, Silvercar is adding more models themselves. The latest addition to their fleet was the Audi Q7.

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