Silvercar is expanding to Salt Lake City

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One of my favorite car rental companies keeps expanding – Silvercar. Utah is a gorgeous state and that throughout the year. Summertime is great for road trips all over the state and winter time is perfect if you love to ski. An Audi A4 quattro (all-wheel drive) comes in pretty handy for that, especially in the winter time with snow and ice on the streets. Silvercar got acquired earlier this year by Audi itself.

Silvercar has so many advantages compared to a regular car rental. Everything is paperless, you rent with your smartphone and get the final bill emailed to you. No more paperwork involved, which also saves mother nature. The cars are well equipped and the price is more than right for a premium car like the Audi A4. If you use the integrated toll-transponder, you only pay the actual toll fee and not a daily surcharge like with most other rental companies no matter if you used a toll road that day or not. You get complimentary built-in navigation unit and Wi-Fi hotspot at no extra charge.

Silvercar will open its Salt Lake City location on January 8th, 2018 and its located right at the SLC airport. Perfect location to hop in into your Audi right after arrival.


Photo courtesy of Silvercar

It looks like my work-schedule will bring me to SLC early next year and I will try to rent an Audi if they have any available.

Silvercar has a special: If you book before December 31st, 2017 you pay $49 for an Audi A4 per day. You can increase your savings if you are a first time user of Silvercar. Use my affiliate link below and earn a $25 Visa gift card after you completed your first rental.

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