Silvercar’s Newest Location: Miami Beach – South Beach

I just got word from Silvercar about their newest location in the US. Silvercar is one of my favorite car rental companies out there. Why? It’s easy! The service is great, no hidden fees, you always get a silver Audi A4, in-car GPS included for free, in-car WiFi hotspot included for free, easy toll tracking. You only pay the toll fees like you would do it normally, no additional charges and much much more.

Check out my review of the Silvercar San Francisco location.

The new location is at the Mondrian in South Beach, Miami Beach. This is the second location in Miami next to the one at the airport. This new location probably makes sense if you are staying at one of the hotels in South Beach and just looking for a car for a day. No hassle, just easy peasy pickup and billing.

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