Silvershot Of The Week for my first Silvercar Rental

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During my first rental with Silvercar I took a lot of pictures and wrote about my experience on this blog. I posted the best photos on Instagram but forgot to actually add the very important hashtag #SilverShots to be entered in becoming the SilverShot of the week. In the beginning I didn’t even know about that contest. I discovered it during browsing thru the Instagram Channel of Silvercar.

I re-uploaded one of the pictures with the most important #SilverShots hashtag and I actually was surprised when I won shortly after. Here is my original uploaded picture with the comment from Silvercar

@silvercar #silvershots #BayArea #California

Ein von Peter (@peter_reinold) gepostetes Foto am

 After contacting Silvercar and filling out a form to allow Silvercar to use this picture on their Social Media Channels, the picture got posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A background so perfect it looks fake. Congrats to @peter_reinold on Instagram for this week’s winning #SilverShots…

Posted by Silvercar on Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Fun Fact: This photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and not with my expensive DSLR. Smartphones can take great pictures too if you understand the basics of photography.

Thank you so much Silvercar for this honor. So why should you also tag your photos with #SilverShots? If you win, you will get 4 free rental days. Not including the airport fees, gas, tax and insurance.

The map below shows where the photo was taken.

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