Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day 2019 – Free Museum Entrance

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Get ready for the Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day 2019 and get free entrance to a museum. Every year, in late September, you can get free entrance to a museum of your choice thanks to the Museum Day sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine and Taiwan.

What exactly is the Museums Day?

Choose one of the participating museums to get free admission for two people on September 21, 2019. This year there are 2147 participating museums scattered all over the country.

You can find a list of participating museums here.

That’s also the website where you will book your admission once you decided on your museum.

How does it work?

To get your free ticket, find the museum you want to visit and click on “Get a ticket” button. Fill in your name and email and you will generate a ticket, which will also be emailed to your email address. Only one ticket per email address but it’s good for two people. But remember the ticket only works on September 21, 2019, and once you decided on a museum, you can’t change your decision anymore.

The ticket only grants free regular admission and is not valid for special exhibits, parking, IMAX film screening or any other offer. Most of the participating museums accept your digital ticket on your smartphone or tablet. However, there are some museums who require a printed ticket. You can see this while you select your museum or when you read “*Printed ticket required.” at the bottom of your digital ticket.

If you have to print your ticket, one print is enough to grant you access for two persons.

Visiting with Children?

Museum Day is a great way to do something fun with the whole family. Depending on the museum, the might count your children as the +1 to the ticket holder. Museums who generally allow children for free, won’t charge you or count your children as the +1. But it’s best to contact the museum of your choice directly before you get the ticket. In that case, you can change your mind and select another museum if they don’t allow children for free.

Ticket Hack!

If you really desperate to visit a specific museum and they would charge you for your kids, just use a second e-mail address and request another ticket, so either part of the parents can take a +1 with them. This would work basically infinitely, but please don’t abuse the system so we can all enjoy Museum Day again next year.

Where will you go? Let me know in the comments…

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