Spotting Boeing’s new 777X landing at Boeing Field

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This past Friday was a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. It was a perfect day for Boeing to take out their newest aircraft, the new Boeing 777X, for another round of tests. Due to work schedule, I wasn’t able to be at the airport for the take-off but surely made it to watch the plane land at Boeing Field (BFI), just south of Seattle.

After take-off, the 777X headed due east for a few hours of circling in the skies of Eastern Washington. (Flight Path)

Flight Route

During the last hour of the 777X’s flight, it was accompanied by a Northrop T-38A Chase Plane. The Chase Plane arrived first at Boeing Field, while the 777X went out west over the Olympic Peninsula before coming in on its final approach to Boeing Field.

While waiting for the big bird to arrive, there were plenty of other plane spotting opportunities. Lots of planes were flying overhead towards Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. While also plans departed and landed at Boeing Field. Mostly smaller aircraft but two highlighted were a Gulfstream G650ER and a Eurocopter EC635 of Airlift Northwest. The helicopter was landing just about 150 ft away from my spotting location. I have never been that close to a flying helicopter. Don’t worry, I was safe and parked outside the fence in the parking lot.

The Boeing 777X had its first flight on January 25, 2020. It was an amazing event to see a brand-new plane take flight for the first time. This was aviation history and I was able to be part of it. While the chase plane was already on the ground, it took another few minutes before I was able to identify the 777X in the sky.

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