SpringHill Suites by Marriott Lancaster Palmdale Review

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I did a spontaneous trip to the Mojave desert over the weekend. Originally I was hoping to drive to Ridgecrest to explore and find a place to stay in the area and then drive back the next day to the LA area for my next project. I didn’t book a hotel ahead of time, as I wasn’t sure how far I would actually drive or if a place would catch my attention and I just explore that place rather than going all the way to Ridgecrest. I did make it to Ridgecrest and checked out the China Lake Museum, the main goal to come here. However, when checking for hotels late afternoon, all the major hotel chains were sold out. I was hoping to stay at a Marriott property because of their ongoing promotion but it showed up for a brief moment as available but I got “bonvoyed” while trying to book through the app. The Hilton was sold out as well and the Holiday Inn Express wasn’t open yet. So I decided to start heading south and ultimately decided after sunset to stay in Lancaster. Also, it was a lot cheaper. With the AAA rate, the SpringHill Suites in Lancaster was just over $134/night, while the SpringHill Suites in Ridgecrest showed up for $195/night.

Booking & Stay Details

I just needed a hotel for one night and it was most convenient for me to just use the Marriott app and book this hotel. As previously mentioned, I tried to stay in Ridgecrest, but the Marriott property there was sold out for the night. 


The hotel is located centrally in Lancaster next to California State Route 14, the main highway through the area connecting the Mojave Desert with Los Angeles. This makes it ideal if you are just traveling through the area and need a place to stay for the night. From here, it’s easy to get pretty much anywhere in town. It’s only a 15-minute drive to Palmdale Regional Airport and Air Force Plant 42. If you are into aviation you should check out these two parks south of the Palmdale Regional Airport. It’s absolutely worth it.


As usual, it was an easy and quick check-in. I showed my ID and credit card and shortly thereafter I received my room key. I choose points as my welcome amenity and the front desk agent also gave me a free bottle of water which I could pick from the fridge at the market next to the front desk. From there I was off with my bags to the elevator, which is next to the breakfast area, and headed to the third floor, the top floor of this hotel.

Check-In Counter


Suite 1 King, Sofa Bed (Room 318)

The layout of this suite is similar to many other SpringHill Suite properties I stayed at. As you enter you have the living area right at the beginning of the suite. It comes with a sofa bed and an office desk with an office chair. 

Near the room, entrance is a little kitchenette area. It has a small sink, medium-size refrigerator, coffee maker, and a microwave in the closet above the sink. The TV, which is an older model and had not a very big screen size is on top of a three-drawer closet and placed between the living area and sleeping area. You can swivel the TV in either direction to watch it either from the sofa or bed.

A divider wall separates the living area from the sleeping area. On the living area side, you have the office desk in front of it. On the other side, you have a little bit of space between the divider wall and the King bed.

The King bed has a nightstand on either side with a lamp on each of them. Unfortunately, there are no power outlets located which are convenient to reach. The base of the lamps has USB ports but no power outlets. You have to dive behind the nightstand to find an available power outlet. On the far end of the suite, you have a small wall closet which is next to the window. The window overlooks the parking lot below. Below the window, itself is the AC unit for the room. The controls for it are mounted on the wall next to the TV.

Opposite the bed is the bathroom. The bathtub/shower combination and the toilet are located in a separate room that has a regular room door. The bathroom area has a decent size. The bathroom area has a tiled floor while the rest of the room uses carpet for its floor. The vanity is located outside of the bathroom in the sleeping area and has its own small niche. The vanity comes with a single sink and a wall-mounted mirror. 

Public Areas & Amenities


The main lobby area basically consists of the breakfast dining area. There is not any other real estate to it. However, you can use comfy chairs and tables throughout the day to mingle with friends. The area is adjacent to the front desk. Next to the breakfast seating area is a small business center with a workstation and a printer.

Fitness Center

The fitness center is located just a few steps away from the front desk down the right hallway. It’s a rather small fitness center that mainly focuses on cardio workouts as there are not many other pieces of equipment in the fitness center. Your room key is required to open the door and it is available 24/7.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is outside of the hotel building toward the back. The pool area comes with a well-sized swimming pool as well as a whirlpool. Multiple pool loungers and chairs are available in the pool area. You can access the pool area with your room key and you will need the key as well to get back into the hotel building. The exit to the pool area is next to the elevator lobby. The pool area is open daily from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Guest Laundry

A guest laundry facility is available all the way at the end of the left hallway on the ground floor. Again, you need your room key to get into the laundry room. It has two sets of coin-operated washer and dryer units. Next to it is a pretty well-sized folding table.

Guest Laundry



The hotel offered a full hot breakfast. It was decent but could have been a bit better. You have a good selection of different food items including scrambled eggs and a waffle maker. The kitchen staff was on it and refilled everything quickly and right away. The buffet is set up in a small area behind the dining sitting room in the lobby.


Next to the front desk is a small market that offers snacks and beverages as well as some other items you might need during your stay including some over-the-counter medicine.


Not much to talk about this stay. I arrived after sunset, stayed for one night, and headed out the next morning after breakfast. There were no issues during my stay at all. Overall, it’s a good place to stay if you are in town for a day or a few days. The suite is definitely spacious enough however for longer stays you would want a better kitchenette or actual kitchen area. This kitchen area doesn’t even have utensils.

Exterior of the Hotel
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