Tesla Model S gets listed as a 85$ a Night Airbnb Room

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Probably all of us have done it – slept overnight in a car. Every one had his own reasons for doing it, but normally if somebody tells you, he will sleep in a car, you assume he is on a budget trip.

Not necessarily anymore. A man from¬†Phoenix, Arizona has listed his Tesla Model S as an overnight possibility on Airbnb. There will be a 6’6″ long and 32″ wide airbed in the back of the car with fresh pillows, sheets, and blankets. If your and the renter’s schedule match up, you even get a free pickup and drop-off at the airport in the same car you will sleep in.

Tesla-Hotel 2

You will be able to use the climate controls and the cars internal entertainment system. The car will be parked in a garage and you get access to the kitchen, bathroom and living room of the condo.

But it’s requested that you are up by 8 am, so he can go to work. You can then use the couch in the condo to sleep in. You can find all the details on the Airbnb website.

For a small extra fee, you also get driven around in the Model S. This is the worlds-first “Tesla Hotel” as it is referred to by the owner.

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