The All-New Extended Centurion Lounge Miami

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On Sunday I was able to take a peek at the new extended Centurion Lounge at the Miami International Airport. I really love the changes and the extension of the lounge area. The Miami lounge was always overcrowded and with the new annex, it feels way better even with a lot of people in the now bigger lounge.

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If you have been to the lounge before, you probably remember the business area, with the big table to set up your laptop and the workstations nearby. That’s the spot where the lounge got extended. This extension added plenty of seating. There is now a second bar and second set of restrooms.

There is a small buffet with snacks next to the bar, which had some sandwiches and other snacks during my visit. The main food serving is still in the old part of the lounge, where it used to be. That’s where you get the good meals inspired by local cuisine. But with the extension, American Express also added more dining tables in the new part of the lounge. This was another issue with the smaller lounge. Besides being overcrowded in general, it was hard to get one of the dining tables near the food buffet. Now you have more places to sit down to enjoy your meal comfortable instead of a comfy sofa chair.

Especially great in the new part of the lounge is the floor to ceiling windows. You have now even more opportunities to watch what’s going on outside on the tarmac and see planes take off and landing. About half of the new window-front comes with countertops, while the rest has set of chairs next to the window.

Plenty of power outlets are available throughout the expansion to keep your devices charged. In addition to all that, you will find two phone rooms in the new part of the lounge, where you can make important phone calls in privacy. Great for sensitive business conversations you don’t want anyone to overhear by accident.

I am very happy with the new additions to the Miami lounge. Unfortunately rather unhappy with the policy changes coming to all Centurion Lounges. Beginning March 22nd, 2019 you can only use the lounge three hours or less prior to your departure. Also, you won’t be able anymore to use the Centurion Lounge as an “Arrivals Lounge”. If you have no connecting flight or departing on a plane the same day, you won’t be permitted anymore inside the Centurion Lounge. These changes are only for the Platinum Cards (Business Card and Personal Card). Centurion Card holders are excluded from these changes.

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