Time Lapse Mining from Internet Photos

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Time lapse videos are usually a lot of work to create. It’s not actually the creation of the video itself. It’s the gathering of all the images. A time lapse is a video consisting of many pictures which show the same location and how it changes over time. Some can be easy and you can get results very fast, but imagine the creation of a time lapse which shows the new skyscraper growing in your city. Watch the video and see how it only takes a “couple of seconds” for the building to rise and be completed. Now think about how long it will take to actually construct this building and you will have to take pictures over the whole period to get a time lapse like this. This is pretty time intense.

Google and scientists of the University of Washington created a new tool, which uses public available photos on the internet to create this time lapse. The gathered millions of photos, categorized and localized them and put it all together to an amazing time lapse video. But the result is amazing. Watch the video and you will be impressed.

The source code will be publicised in the near future. Visit the project page for more information.

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