Trail to Glinga-Brunnen (Austria)

This is a short hiking trail to Glinga-Brunnen. This trail takes you to the source of the small river through “Brand” and it’s fed by the “Brandner Glacier”. It takes you about 1 hour to get there and you can enjoy a lot of nice scenery along the way. Park your car in the parking lot for the “Palüdbahn”. You can’t miss it. It’s the last parking lot before you leave “Brand”. Here you can find a board with different hiking trails. One is called “Glinga-Brunnen”. Just follow the small trail up from the lot to a dirt road. Right after the first big right turn, there is another signpost. Just follow the signposts.

You will walk by a double waterfall. It is pretty beautiful there. A little further upwards there is a bridge across the river with a nice view. Just check out the pictures below or more in my Flickr-gallery.

There are two caches on your way as well, if you are a geocacher.



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