Travel Tip of the Week: If You Need to Go in Hong Kong, Use Google Maps

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Hong Kong is amazing and beautiful. It’s a huge city and known all over the world from movies, photos and more. No doubt that many people love to explore this amazing city. I always love to come back here and every time I discover something new or places changed. This city is constantly growing as the keep on reclaiming land from the ocean. But during a long day of exploring and some rest stops in between you will have to use a restroom sooner or later. I would say Hong Kong has a pretty good public restroom distribution all over the city. Even in poorer places of the city. Besides the obvious choices trying to use a restroom in a restaurant or cafe, you can ask Google Maps for the nearest restroom. Use the search term “toilets” and it will bring up a list of public restrooms. I have no idea if the list is a 100% complete, but I did a check and every public toilet I passed during my excursions in the city, was on the map. Google Maps shows photos of the toilets (from the outside of course) to make it easier for you to find, as they can be pretty well hidden in plain sight.

Map of Public Toilets in Hong Kong

This would be great if it would be implemented for other countries around the world or at least be more up to date. In the US for example, you have to search for “restroom” instead of “toilets” and there are many missing I know of in some area. Right now there are third-party apps offering this kind of service. But do you really want to download an app for every city to find restrooms? I rather prefer Google Maps as I can use it for so much more than just searching for toilets. And who is proud of showing off that kind of app on the phone. Rather show your friends what you can do with Google Maps.

As mentioned, there is also a third-party app to find toilets in Hong Kong. It’s available for Android and iOS.

Toilet Rush
Toilet Rush
Price: Free


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