Travel Tip of the Week: Stop for A Snack Before you go to the Baggage Claim in MIA

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Flying into Miami International Airport (MIA)? This short tip should help you to start your trip right, no matter if it’s for business or a beach vacation.

Baggage handling times are extremely long in Miami. One of the longest I know and it’s almost guaranteed that it will take a long time to get the bags out on the carousel. At least if you fly with American Airlines. I am not sure about other airlines.

This tip is for everyone who checked baggage on the flight to Miami. No matter if you checked your luggage during check-in or at the gate. You will receive it at the baggage claim area of the airport.

Don’t rush to the carousel to claim your bags. Stop for a small snack or a drink at a lounge, if you have access, or at one of the many food places.

On my recent trip to Miami, we got off the plane at gate D1. On the way to the exit to the baggage claim, I passed the elevator to the American Express Centurion Lounge. I went to the lounge, had some food and a drink before heading back out to get to the baggage claim. This “detour” took me about 15 minutes from getting into the elevator until getting back off. It really depends if a lounge or restaurant is on your way. If you have to make a big detour, it’s probably not worth it. The Corona Beach House is located relatively close to the exit to the baggage claim at the North Terminal, which is part of the PriorityPass Network and you get a credit here towards purchases of food and drinks.

After the walk from the lounge to the baggage claim, I was still about 2 minutes early before the first bag showed up on the carousel. I used to spend countless minutes standing in front of the carousel and just getting cut off by other travelers without common sense as they all have to walk up right in front of the conveyor. After that it’s so crowded, even when your bag comes around, you don’t have space to turn around and get out of the crowd with your bag.

At least this little trick helped me to get some good food and something to drink. Better than standing in front of the belt for 20 minutes and more hungry or thirsty.

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